There is a butt in the toilet [Final] [Gorilland]

Release Year: 2021
Genre: Animated, big ass, censored, creampie, internal view, male protagonist, masturbation, sex toys, spanking, vaginal sex, voyeurism
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Gorilland
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese
Size: 35 MB

About This Game:
Presenting a molestation SLG!
One day, I went to the restroom, only to discover a girl’s butt sticking out of one of the stalls…​

The game can be controlled mainly with the mouse, and fulfilling certain conditions
allows you to click new areas. There are no alternate endings.

[3 Modes] – Video Call – Situations where you’re on video call with her
– Surveillance camera – Situations involving observing her on a surveillance camera
– Ass-only mode – No upper half, no cross-section situations

Contains stripping, licking, sniffing, ass-smacking, shaving,
creampie, vibrator, cross-section, etc.


Author: Admin-XXX

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