Remote Island Survivors [Final] [The Church of NTR]

Release Year: 2021
Genre: RPG,male protagonist, ntr, vaginal sex, oral sex, footjob, cosplay, big ass, adventure, creampie
Censorship: Yes
Developer/Publisher: The Church of NTR
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.57 GB

About This Game:
Everyone has been looking to the school boat trip, including Aina and her best friend Ikuya.
However, the boat gets in an accident , and the two end up washing ashore a remote island.
Aina is happy to see the protagonist is fine, and the two decide to wait for help.
While exploring the island, they meet four other guys who’ve washed up.
1 woman. 5 men.
Aina has a bad feeling about this situation…​




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