The Dungeon of Lewdity [Final]

Updated Year: 2020
Genre: Bondage, Mental Changes, Chastity Play, Pet-Play ,Puppy, Pony, Catgirl, Bunny, Predicaments, Futafictation, Lactation, Transformations , Tentacle Girl, Asari, Public , Spanking,Parody
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Novus
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 3.09 GB

About This Game:
In days long forgotten to the modern kingdoms, a dungeon was built, one that adventurers quickly learned to avoid. Which…isn’t to say that it was dangerous. Far from it. The Dungeon caused no lasting physical harm to any who obeyed its rules. It even provided fabulous wealth to all who conquered it…
But whoever built it was a total pervert.

Instead of monsters and deathtraps, the entire dungeon was filled with completely solvable puzzles…every one of which was of a lewd nature. Bondage predicaments, body transformation, mental effects, the dungeon had it all…so long as whatever it was wouldn’t cause any lasting physical harm. And better yet, anyone who made it through was guaranteed fabulous riches!
But, wealth that would normally have attracted adventurers in the dozens didn’t in this case, for the safety of those inside was only guaranteed if they who entered did so with no violence in mind. Even the strongest of adventurers who entered within, intent of looting The Dungeon by force of arms, fell to the power of the dungeon’s protections. And so as the ages passed the world by, The Dungeon gained a new name and a new purpose. It became The Dungeon of Lewdity…a final resort for anyone, no matter who you were. Be you criminal or king, rich or poor, The Dungeon of Lewdity offered one thing for all.
The chance to change.
The chance to change fate.
Fabulous wealth, unique skills, a new identity for those in need. All is on offer from The Dungeon…if you can make it through….

Final content tallies are:
18 True Endings
4 Village Endings
42 Safeword Endings
52 Unique Rooms
3,220 Images
304,387 Words of text!




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