CODE:VALKYRIE 2 [Final] [Ulimworks]

Release Date: 13-July-2021
Genre: 3D Game, female protagonist, adventure, fantasy, monsters, vaginal sex, combat, censored, japanese game, animated
Censorship: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows 32/64
Language: English, Japanese
Size: 2.07 GB

About This Game:
Faster-paced than ever before!
Features a third-person perspective for easy shooting and slashing!
The more of these items you collect, the higher your curse level will rise.
The higher it rises, well, the lewder things get…
Features 2 defeat scenes with over 10 variations!
You can unlock a bonus sex mode from the menu, too…
Make sure to wear the right outfit for the job!
Be careful, though — all outfits can be destroyed.

[All-new elements] – A new field with increased difficulty!
– A new anti-armor blade weapon!
– Tons of new enemies!
– Lots of secret rooms to capture!

[New defeat events!] – Acquire cursed items and raise your curse level to unlock the naughty stuff!
– All outfits are destructible!
– Sneak into private rooms!
– Check every bit of each field to find hidden secrets!

[Important Game Info] – Please reset graphics to default the first time you start up the game.
– The action sections support gamepads and Xbox controllers (with vibration)
– Mouse and gamepad controls differ somewhat. That just means more ways to enjoy!
– Created with Unreal Engine 4

[About the Trial Version] – Includes action and defeat event sections.
– Runs as smoothly as the full version, so you’ll be able to check your graphics and other settings.
– Please try this version first to ensure compatibility with your device.

[Hints] – Middle click while aiming to launch a grenade.
– The anti-armor blade has different attacks for long and short button presses.
– Jump with the right timing after landing and you can do a long jump.
– Includes an easier route for the less action-inclined.




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