Mystwood Manor – Update v0.4.0.6 [Faerin]

Updated: 28-December-2020
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, MILF, Horror, Incest
Censorship: None
Developer: Faerin
Version: v0.4.0.6
OS: Windows
Language: English,German, French, Russian, Portuguese,Chinese,Spanish
Size: 523 MB

In ancient woods the realms collide and thus the veil wears thin,
Spirits dwell and dreams shall haunt all those who stay within.
So take great heed and turn away when myst devours your sight,
Lest you get caught and forevermore lie trapped in endless night.​

Mystwood Manor v0.3.0.6 – Changelog
• Added Anikka as a recruitable character.
• Added Hana as a recruitable character.
• Added the pool.
• Added the security room.
• Added the Forest Queen as a new map location.
• Added the Sheriff’s office as a new map location.
• Added 2 new items (for now you will be able to find it in the attic, like the rest of the items).
• Added new room upgrades for most of the rooms.

• Implemented hotel level 4 (girls can now level up their skills to 4 and level 4 guests can check in).
• Implemented the hotel security attribute and events.
• Added a reset button to the planning staff bar.
• Guests will now have random requirements each time they check-in. The can now require any activity (up to the current guest level). This way, skill experience gains should be balanced a bit more more equally and guest interactions will be less predictable.
• Added images and outfits for all activities for all guests.
• Updated all guest interaction dialogs to be different for each guest level and increase in difficulty.
• The study and Amanda are now available from level 3 (instead of level 1).
• Completely rebalanced rewards, experience gains, and costs to make the progression a lot smoother.
• Rebalanced the satisfaction calculation to be able to serve higher level guests without failing and make it a bit more “forgiving”.
• Added a back button to the new game screen.
• Added hints to staff member portraits on how to recruit them.
• Reduced the maximum number of nights a guest will stay to 4.
• New guests will now be assigned hotel slots immediately after accepting them on the check-in screen.
• Added a help button to the menu to access my Discord server.

• Fixed a bug causing the maintenance score to not go down when Kay got sick during Laura’s recruitment event.
• Fixed a bug causing dialog history to become italicized incorrectly.
• Fixed a bug causing the guest level to not be saved in some situations.
• Fixed a bug causing guests not to check out and stay “forever”.
• Fixed a bug causing an incorrect satisfaction score after leveling up a skill.
• Fixed a bug that caused the amount of experience gained to be based on the skill level instead of the guest and hotel level.
• Fixed a bug causing upkeep events to trigger at 100%.
• Fixed a bug causing you not to get a card when skipping the intro.
• Fixed a bug causing a lock during the tutorial if you removed and dropped Julia into the lobby slot.
• Fixed a bug causing you not to get a card when skipping the intro.
• Fixed a bug causing incorrect VIP levels to show.
• Fixed a bug with the salary reduction cards.

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