BOOOOOOOOOOBS [Final] [Cute Pen Games]

Release Date: 06-August-2022
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, puzzle, animated
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Cute Pen Games
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 454 MB

About This Game:
Meet Alice and Emma, your two new clients.
Your job as a plastic surgeon, is to keep them satisfied.
Before you get to touch their boobs, you first need to examine them and answer all their questions .. It is simple,
they will ask you and you need to reassure them that they come to the right place and to the right person – you!
Your reputation precedes you as someone very skilled with you hands – so don’t let anything to ruin it!

– Match anywhere to swap two adjacent pieces and make 3 or more in a line to clear them and complete the level.
– Take an appointments with your clients, both before and after their desired boob job and make them happy!
– Feel free to stare at the boobs as much as you want, and wipe away all your stress!

– Almost 40 unique rewards – now featuring also a few animations!
– Hyper-polished match-3 gameplay with a custom built-from-scratch implementation.
– 60 mins of gameplay total, possibly more
– Beautiful boobs of all shapes and sizes.
– Clearing a level unlocks a reward – picture, series of pictures or a video
– Relaxing soundtrack.
– Visual novel elements before and after each game.
– Choices during dialogue affect gameplay.

Rules of the match 3:

– You must match 3 or more of the same gems in a row or column.
– Each gem type has a different meaning and effect.
– You must keep an eye on your exam points as well as remaining turns counter.
– You must “defeat” the opponent – your examiner – by matching heart symbols and seducing her.
– You can also use skills to alter the game. But be careful, they only have limited amount of uses!





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