Marle – The Labyrinth of the Black Sea – Final

Marle - The Labyrinth of the Black Sea

Adult Porn-Game

Release Date: 10-May-2019
Genre: RPG,2dcg, Female Protagonist, Nudity, big Breasts, Witch, Fantasy
Censorship: Yes
Developer: Yumenamakonn ,Kagura Games
Version: 1.02 Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 702 MB

Having gained the title of Archmage at a young age after slaying the dragon who threatened the nation, Marle now satisfies her curiosity by traveling around the world, exploring secluded areas as well as ancient ruins. One day, news of the discovery of sea-level ruins near the Island of Isola catch her ear. Marle heads there at once, wanting to learn more about this unknown civilization and their magic. What she finds there, however, is unlike anything she has seen before; a labyrinth which seals away the strength of any who may enter it…​





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