Broken Universe Collection (SquarePeg3D)

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Updated Year: 2019
Genre: 3DCG, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cumshot, Elf, Fisting, Futanari, Monster, Oral, Orc
Censorship: None
Developer: SquarePeg3D
Resolution: 1920×1080,2560×1440
Pics: 1085
Format: JPG
Language: English
Size: 380 MB

Loved by her people, Melandriel enjoys the finer things in life and spends most of her days reveling in her position of power and influence; however, her devious sister Rekkariel has new plans for the headstrong elf and will stop at nothing to see her strong sister on her knees, bound and BROKEN.
Find out what happens when Melandriel meets people who’s idea of fun is a lot different from hers.

Broken II
Queen Rekkariel sits happily upon her mother’s throne, basking in the glory of the traitorous betrayal she wrought. Her older sister Melandriel lies at her feet like the obedient little dog she was always destined to be — a wanton shell of the former proud heir to the elven throne. Rekka is willingly and blissfully ignorant of what is about to happen. She has what she wants — for now.
Narurga kept her end of the bargain with Rekka. Now the mighty orc chieftainess seeks to repay the deposed queen Kaylara for all the misery that deceitful elf visited upon the orcs over many vengeful years. It is a debt Narurga hopes to repay in kind over…and over…and over…
…but what other bargains were struck? What other contracts were consummated in the darkest shadows of fearful nights so many moons ago? Most importantly, what happens when those sinister deals are BROKEN?

Broken III
Rekkariel has everything she wanted…her once-strong sister Melandriel is now nothing more than a fuck toy to use as she pleases…her mother Terandiel, the previous elven queen, is missing along with the orc chieftainess Narurga…the kingdom has descended into a sex-fueled orgy with no order.
Everything is going Rekka’s way…but deep within the shadows that haunt the night lurks an ancient secret borne on a dark pact made so very many moons ago; a pact that will not only threaten to jeopardize Queen Rekkariel’s tenuous grasp on a kingdom of despots, but one that promises to reshape the world as she knows it and leave it broken.

Broken – Interlude
Broken II
Broken III

Broken IVBroken Extended Universe:
Heifer for Hire




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