Serge3dx Collection [2020]

serge3dx is creating 3DX comics

Updated: February-2020
Genre: Futa,Trans, Huge boobs,Milf, Big Tits,3DCG, Oral Sex, Anal sex, Animated, Vaginal sex, Pregnancy, Lactation
Censorship: None
Developer: Serge3DX
Resolution: 1080p
Pages: 767 pictures, 18 animations
Language: English
Size: 1.43 GB

Serge3dx is a 3D artist who makes comics and some short animations of futanaris fucking big-breasted women.​

Collection List:
1. Jerk-off time
While in detention, Gina’s feelings for Mrs. Rose are exposed.
Mrs. Rose turns out to be more accepting of Gina’s gifts than anticipated…in many ways.

2. Dress-up game
Mrs. Rose can’t stop thinking about Gina and her big, teen cock.
Together they visit the locker room for more private fun.
This time Rose has planned a surprise…what will Gina learn about her new favorite teacher?

3. Blackmailing of MILF
Rose’s secret fun with Gina has been discovered.
Her debauchery threatens to destroy her career and her marriage.
How far will Rose go to keep out of trouble?

4. Breeding in X-mas
Rose has a special gift for Gina, and plans for the surprise
to unfold while her husband sleeps in the next room.
But in the end, Gina’s gift to Rose is much more fulfilling.

5. Honeymoon
Rose takes Gina on a vacation to celebrate the consummation of their relationship.
Their ‘honeymoon’ quickly escalates, and Rose encourages Gina to take their relationship to the next level.

6. Futa breeding slave
After a wonderful Honeymoon, Rose and Gina continue to explore the roles they have assumed in their relationship.

7. Sperm Donation
Dr. Samantha is passionate about her job at the clinic, and is eager to help her patients.
Violet visits the clinic with hopes of a quick payment, and finds an unexpected opportunity!
Dr. Samantha’s passion for sperm donations will lead Violet to a workout of a new kind.

8. Nun and schoolgirl
The rules in school have changed, and teachers must now bear punishment when their students misbehave.
Rose may never be the same after Gina’s punishments are fulfilled…

9. Sinful punishment (comission comic)
The school policy punishing teachers for their student’s behavior has been a success.
Gina has been appointed by the Mother Superior to a special ‘punisher’ role,
holding the most depraved teacher (Rose) to account. Little does Mother Superior know,
Gina and Rose love the punishments, each for their own reasons. Will Gina and Rose get
into trouble if they take their relationship to new heights?

10. MILF’s Needs
Gina and her step-mom Lana are left home alone, while Gina’s father is away for a business trip.
What could happen between the sexually frustrated housewife and her futanari step-daughter?




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