Witch 3 Return – Ghost in the Fog [Final] [Towndarktales]

Witch 3 Return - Ghost in the Fog [Final] [Towndarktales]

Released: 24-October-2023
Genre: 2D Game, animated, female protagonist, vaginal sex, creampie, monster girl, monsters, BDSM, big ass, big tits, adventures, fantasy, combat, shooter, groping, multiple penetration, group sex, oral sex, anal sex, horror, side scroller
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Towndarktales
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 6.27 GB

About This Game:
This is an adult game with elements of adventure and horror.
This story is a part of the “Witch Chronicles” series that began on Halloween.
Chelsea finds herself back at her Aunt Agnet’s manor.
She has to go through the whole building and once again prevail over the transformed ghosts and demons.
But this time her choice determines not only her fate, but the fate of her sister as well.
You will have to solve puzzles and riddles of the manor in order to summon the ghosts.
Discover the rooms of the ancient manor and explore the dark abode of the Inquisitor.
You can choose to either subdue the ghosts or follow your and Duke Weber’s desires.
You can also change Chelsea’s clothes when you find new items for her wardrobe.
Different clothes will allow her to influence certain ghosts.
Whether to solve the puzzles of the manor and subdue the ghosts,
or go along with your desires and the wishes of Duke Weber — the choice is yours. You can decide which route to take.

The adult part of the game is optional, and can be avoided. It depends on the choice the heroine makes: to banish, to please, or maybe to subdue? Rediscover the manor and solve the problems you encounter the way you want.​

This game is for adults only. Sexual content is part of the game. The game contains animated scenes of sexually explicit nature and intercourse between humans and a variety of fantasy creatures. Also light sexual assault and non-consensual sex between women and men and monsters.
The content in this game includes but is not limited to-
– Group Sex
– Rough Sex
– Tentacle
– Blowjo
– Masturbation with machine
– Sexual activities by men and women, women and women, multiple men and women, women and Monsters

DLC added:
Witch 3 Return Ghost in the Fog

DLC added:
Witch 3 Return fairy tales





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