Vis v0.7

Updated: 09-June-2020
Genre: Male protagonist, Fantasy, Visual Novel, Ren’py, 3DCG, MILF, Titfuck, Footjob, Incest, Bisexual, Voyeurism, Corruption, Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Masturbation
Censorship: None
Developer: Mad King Games
Version: 1.0 + Extras Patch + Walkthrough
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 2.56 GB

You are the prince from the royal family that rules the newly formed Colonia. Your father, the king, has the kingdom on a tight grip, holding power until the last drop of blood is spilled. Embark on the adventure that will shape the known world and beyond, while carrying the burden of a dynasty that is destined to follow you even in death. Every decision you will make will represent the pillar or the downfall of your empire.
Forge, kill, corrupt and rule.

Changelog: Vis V1.0:
– New content that can trigger Liliana’s romantic route, if you have enough lust and romantic points. This will also trigger bonus scenes.
– Fixed a blocker that prevented some players to proceed further into the main campaign.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Added multiple answers for Liliana’s riddle.
– New content that will set things into motion for the Prologue ends.
– The possibility to start/reject a romantic route with Liliana




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