Virtual Girl: Classroom [Early Access] [Asmodeus Studio]

Release Date: 03-November-2020
Genre: RPG, Simulator, Dating Sim,3D Vision, All sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Asmodeus Studio
Version: Early Access
OS: PC,Valve Index ,HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese ,Korean ,French ,Italian, German ,Spanish, Russian ,Polish ,Dutch, Portuguese
Size: 1.97 GB (Unpacked 12.01 GB)

About This Game:
In 2077, people begin to develop technology rapidly, bringing great changes to people’s life, but it also attracts alien forces to notice. After the war lasting nearly a hundred years, there are few human beings left. This is the transmission point built by the human civilization before, it is the last transmission point on the earth, so its situation is very unstable. You are the last hope of human beings, and you will be sent to a military base in 2030 here (Sometimes there will be transmission to other places, I hope it will not make mistake this time…)

Coming From The Parallel World Of The Future, You Traveled To 1000 Years Ago When The World Was About To Be Destroyed. Due To Positioning Problems, You Deviated From The Original Location And Accidentally Came To An Unknown Classroom. Here You Are With The Beautiful Art Teacher: 雪奈(Yukina) Meet.

Virtual And Exquisite Living Doll~Unique Game Style, Every Inch Of Skin, Every Hair Is Like Real~ Bring You Top Visual Effects, You Can Do Whatever You Want With Her, She Is Completely At Your Mercy.​




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