Ninetail & Dual Tail – VenusBlood GAIA International v1.02 Final

Ninetail & Dual Tail - VenusBlood GAIA International [v1.02 Final]

Released: 29-July-2023
Genre: Male Protagonist, Rpg, Turn based combat, Voiced, Adventure, Multiple Endings, Vaginal sex, Harem, Tentacles, Oral sex, Corruption, Pregnancy, Monster, Futa,trans, Virgin, Creampie, Anal sex, Internal view, Groping , Sex toys, Teasing, Lactation, Group sex, Strategy, Multiple penetration, Ahegao, Titfuck, Big tits, Big ass, Monster girl, Transformation, Bdsm, Spanking
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Ninetail & Dual Tail
Version: v1.02 Final + Artbook + TIPS + Full scene save
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 4.32 GB

About This Game:
The island of Palastra has fallen from it’s golden age. The land is dying, birthrates have reached an all-time low, and the people are desperate. On the cusp of disaster, a new energy source, Ether, is discovered by Theofrad, the Archduke of Energeia. It stands to give the island nation a real chance at rejuvenating itself, but the Holy Dragon Empire Granlyed declares it heresy, and declares a holy war on Energia. Theofrad is outmatched and outnumbered, but with his wit, his technology, and a few new allies, can he overcome the odds and save his city? Or is Energeia doomed to fall at the hands of the Empire?​



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