Trap Quest – Release 11 Version 3.0

Aika is creating Adult video game (18+)

Updated: 05-February-2020
Genre: 2DCG, 3DCG, Real porn, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Female domination, Futa, Gay, Lesbian, Monster, Pregnancy, Tentacles, Transformation, Trap, Virgin, Inform game, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Big tits, Big ass, Interracial, Creampie, Lactation, School setting, Sex toys
Censorship: None
Developer: Aika
Version: Release 11 v3.0
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: English
Size: 2.18GB

Explore a dangerous world of transformation, penetration and bimbofication. 18+ only!​

Release 11 v3.0
Known Issues
Opening Git.exe and then selecting the file seems to cause a ‘Can’t open gamefile’ error for some users. However, double-clicking on the Gblorb file itself in Windows Explorer and then opening it with Git.exe that way seems to work fine. I believe this weird issue is just due to the huge filesize of the game file.
I’m getting reports that updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system loses support for WINE. If this is the case for you, I’m afraid you’ll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer.
I’m getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it’s strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.

Aika: Some props have new images thanks to Icarus, notably dildo pole traps and the candy machine which looks awesome!
Aika: New art and cutscene image for the spank paddle trap by Rosie-BRS.
Aika: NPC Favour Overhaul!
NPCs now start off slightly warmer than before, and so should in general take slightly longer to get to the point where they decide to bang you.
In the spirit of this, certain NPCs like the demoness no longer have so many things that make them instantly fully aggressive, but instead make them slowly aggressive over time. Also, the default apperance level at which NPCs become instantly unfriendly has been increased.
If it’s not the first time this NPC has seen you, and their opinion of you decreases because of your appearance but they’re not at aggressive levels yet, certain NPCs might decide to grope you, depending on how ‘gropable’ the various parts of your body look to them, a random number, and their own personal preferences. Groping is unavoidable and stimulates the touched body part.
Groping will happen instead of their usual action, e.g. if they sometimes offer something, e.g. Icarus and the Aeromancer.
Aika: A new way to resolve your differences with certain NPCs! (for now, mainly ones that have normal dick-in-hole sex) You can now seducethem at any time before sex starts. After you’ve had one seduction session with an NPC, you can’t again until they’ve become bored with you then notice you again.
Seducing enters a sort-of minigame where you are trying to get them to climax before they lose patience and initiate their normal dominant sex routine. The only real negatives are the small amounts of humiliation gain from doing the acts, and that time is moving forward so any other time-sensitive issues such as needing the toilet or other threatening NPCs being nearby might make it impractical.
The more angry they are with you, the less patience they’ll have.
The more times you’ve attacked them before starting the seduction, the more angry they will be.
For most seduction moves, there’s only a chance that they move towards orgasm. Nothing is guaranteed.
Even if they do engage in dominant sex before you can make them orgasm, any closer you’ve gotten them towards orgasm will reduce the number of turns that the dominant sex lasts for.
Each turn you are given a set of options, some of which are only available in certain circumstances (e.g. you’re standing or kneeling) or if certain body parts are available for use.
Dance: You must be upright. Cannot cause progress through the final 4 steps before NPC orgasm. Very low humiliation gain. High chance of getting groped by the NPC in response. The more attractive (i.e. big and on display) your breasts / butt are, the less chance that the NPC grows more impatient.
Kiss: You must be upright and able to use your mouth. How close it can get the NPC to orgasm depends on the size of your lips. Almost guaranteed to cause impatience – how much depends on a random number rolled against sex addiction. Very low humiliation gain.
Stroke: Can cause orgasm, but with a lower chance than some of the options below. Less effective when you’re not on your knees. Guaranteed to cause impatience – how much depends on a random number rolled against sex addiction. Very low to low humiliation gain depending on how dedicated your act is (based on sex addiction).
Grind: How close it can get the NPC to orgasm depends on a random number rolled against sex addiction and anal sex addiction (and if female, vaginal sex addiction). Guaranteed impatience gain; the exact amount depends on a random number rolled against the attractiveness of the player’s ass – bigger and more on show = increased impatience gain. If impatience hits max, NPC will probably try to penetrate a lower orifice. Low humiliation gain.
Displace clothing: Displaces the clothing, doesn’t change NPC arousal or impatience.
Player controlled titfuck: You must be on your knees and he must have a dick. Can cause orgasm. Guaranteed impatience gain depends on a random number rolled against the attractiveness of the player’s breasts – bigger and more on show = increased impatience gain. If impatience hits max, NPC will take probably control of the titfuck. Low to moderate humiliation gain (stronger humiliation gain for people with high titfuck addiction). Very high chance of ticking the NPC towards orgasm. Stimulates breasts if they are sensitive.
Player controlled oral: You must be on your knees. Can cause orgasm. Guaranteed moderate impatience increase. If impatience hits max, NPC will probably take control of the oral sex. Low to strong humiliation gain (stronger humiliation gain for people with high oral sex addiction). Very high chance of ticking the NPC towards orgasm, increased even further by large lips.
Apply condom: Doesn’t increase arousal, increases impatience depending on how much they hate condoms. The chance of them refusing increases with how patient they still are and decreases with arousal, so the best time to try is just before they get too impatient.
NB against these types of enemies (intelligent and with a penis), you no longer get the normal condom prompt just before they penetrate you. The only way to encourage them to wear a condom is to use this seduction subroutine.
Present body part for sex: Works just like normal presenting. Ends the seduction.
The closer to orgasm an NPC is, the higher the chance that they’ll go along with your suggestion.
Escape: Tries to escape in a direction of choice. Ends the seduction.
Their impatience meter will stay at whatever point you left it until they next orgasm.
Unfriendly NPCs will of course try to stop you moving and continue combat.
The closer to orgasm an NPC is, the more their skill at blocking your movement will be reduced.
Aika: [Egg Laying] You can now have eggs oviposited into your womb, if you don’t have an active ‘normal’ pregnancy. They will be laid a reasonable amount of time later and be very close to hatching when they come out. If you have any extra eggs added during an egg pregnancy, it’ll reset the timer of how long they’ll all take to come out.
You can manually insert more eggs inside, as long as you already have some eggs inside that are at least that large.
If eggs somehow get summoned inside you when you’re already ‘normal’ pregnant, they’ll immediately come out and only have a 20% chance each of eventually hatching.
Aika: Priestess class overhaul! You’re no longer restricted to the dungeon altar room to progress the quest.
There are a special set of anal beads delivered with your runic headband.
While these are fully worn inside your butt, giving NPCs orgasms will make it gain extra beads.
Since you must retain your virginity and have the beads in your butt, that leaves you with just your mouth and perhaps tits if they’re big enough as your options for sex.
You can also use the new seduction framework, which lets you try to satisfy people with your hands too, but if the NPC decides to grope you while you’re seducing them, they might pull some of your beads out, rendering the entire exercise almost pointless.
When it has gained enough extra beads, removing it and presenting it to the dungeon altar completes the priestess quest, resets the number of beads and increases the size of each bead by 1.
The more times you complete the quest (i.e. the larger the beads have become) the better the jewel you receive.
Presenting the ritual beads to the altar can also give you an equippable item, the prayer beads. The chance increases depending on how many people you’ve ‘served’.
Having the prayer beads equipped at the same time that you have the ritual beads inside will increase intelligence, dexterity, and charisma.
Aika: My new plan for magic power is that it will be more common to gain magic power, but you can’t hold more than 5 at a time.
Stuff gained in excess of 5 is usually wasted, but every now and then will give you increased intelligence or dexterity.
Aika: When you have the orgy scene with Barbara and the patrons, patrons will no longer replace your outfit (they want you to expel everything into the fishbowl).
Aika: The defeated versions of Ruby Teacher Seraphina and Emerald Teacher Bianca have been created by Owlcan.
Aika: Supporting bullies now correctly follow the Head Bully into the semen swimming pool room, which in turn allows them to correctly witness the outcome and become satisfied.
Aika: Partially concealed clothing now has only 2/3 the outrage value of fully visible clothing.
Aika: NPCs now react (negatively) when a sex toy slips out of an orifice to the ground in front of them.
Aika: The game now tells you when NPCs who are chasing you lose interest.
Aika: Several larger items of underwear are now rippable rather than just being instantly destroyed by dildo traps and similar.
Aika: Turns out you could beat up the caged minotaur with ranged weapons. This was an oversight. You can still try it, but now every attack of this type comes with a chance of accidentally releasing him; a higher chance the more damage you do. So try this at your own risk.
Aika: The sewing bench in the school no longer requires an item of the same material and for neither item to be worn, to successfully mend a ripped item.
Aika: A lot of transformation effects now automatically target your least outrageous item (that can be transformed). Some will only consider uncovered clothing whereas others can choose any item of worn clothing.
Aika: The recipe for latex hood is now generic, rather than specifically rubber headwear, since headgear mostly disintegrates itself now. If a ‘false’ latex hood is crafted, it will have the ‘stumbling’ attribute.
Aika: Fixed a bug where you could wash clothes in the semen swimming pool in the Slut School.
Aika: [Urination mechanics] Fixed a bug where the game didn’t let you interact with urinals.
Aika: Fixed a bug where the altar wasn’t successfully removing curses from drinking vessels.
Aika: [Inline hyperlinks] Fixed a bug where zapping attacks didn’t have a working hyperlink.
Aika: Fixed a bug with the bunny class where new waitress vessels were meant to spawn full of milk but instead spawned empty.
Aika: Items dropped inside the Iron Maiden will now be on the floor of the location you got hit by the trap, once you are released.
Aika: Fixed a bug where in some instances, the hotel teleportation pad would claim that it has teleported you somewhere but actually hadn’t.
Aika: Fixed a bug where penises were partially concealed by some skirts when they should be fully concealed, and also the flavour text for partially concealed penises sometimes implied they were fully exposed.

Alpha testers (This stuff is still walled behind the November 2019 unlock file; there will be a new unlock file later this month):

Aika: A final set of new bystanders from Relyet.
Aika: When you fight another student and a staff member catches you in the middle of the fight and gives you detention, if there’s an appropriate two-person predicament coded for your rank and situation, you’ll both be sent into that predicament instead of you being sent for a normal detention. So at the moment this can only happen when you’re ruby+ but there are some lower ranked joint predicaments coming soon.
Aika: New sapphire or emerald predicament in the ‘Extra Credit Zone’, the sex toy fetch mission. You need to retrive two sex toys from fixed locations on the map and return them to the starting building before you can get the key to your house. Of course, with no bag of holding, carrying sex toys can be rather embarrassing. Unless you have somewhere you can hide them?
Aika: New ruby+ predicament in the ‘Extra Credit Zone’, the cum drinking photo pose. In a glass cage on display in front of a large crowd of lecherous men recording you with their smartphones, you’ll have to decide between using your hands to block the funnels that are being used to forcefeed you semen, or covering your breasts and/or crotch, or holding up peace signs in order to earn a slightly less ridiculously skimpy outfit to return home in.
Aika: Public disgrace increases 10% as fast. It seemed just a tad overtuned!

There are 5 different versions because there are 5 different character windows you can use.

Danaume Version
Keriax Version
Wonderfuller Version
Porn Version
Strateg Version



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