The Fun of Asmodius – v3.00e

Adult Porn-Game

Release Date: 10-November-2019
Genre: RPG,Female Protagonist, Prostitution Dating, Fantasy, Hypnosis, Interspecies, Sex
Censorship: None
Developer: As-key
Version: 3.00e Full
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.28 GB (Unpacked 3.14 GB)

A few months after the uproar involving the Holy Sword.
Lizet is called by his teacher, Chloe,
and heads to investigate the archeological site of a city.

I don’t know it’s a trap designed by anyone …
City with archeological sites
A small town once believed to have fallen angel worship.
Although it has flourished in recent years, it has been plagued by nearby demons.

The beginning of the story
Chloe receives a request to investigate and defeat monsters,
and enters the investigation of archeological sites alone …

and a few days later,
a request rises to Chloe and arrives in the city.

Ver 3.00e
35 event scenes
135+ CG
8 endings
Playtime: 3-7 hours for one clear.
+ 8 bonus CG

Porn Game Screenshots:



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