The Fantasy World of Mahjong Princess [Final] [LSJ Productions]

Release Date: 12-May-2022
Genre: 2dcg, animated, male protagonist, monster girl, adventure, fantasy, minigames, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, sex toys, big ass, big tits, japanese game, voiced, romance, dating sim, turn based combat
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: LSJ Productions
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Size: 799 MB

About This Game:
Fantastic World of Mahjong Princess is a 2D Japanese Mahjong game with adult simulation features.
You are a big Mahjong fan who got reincarnated in another world after an incident.
In this fantastic realm, you will not only encounter beautiful human ladies,
but also be able to have a romance with Succubus, elves, and fairies.

Since the Mahjong game you promoted got super popular among females, you soon became the premier Mahjong tutor.
In order to challenge top players all around the world, you must build your own Mahjong battle teams.
During this travel, you may train these girls with precious lessons while developing very special relationships between you and them!

Step into this mysterious world and cultivate the top Mahjong Princesses now!​




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