Tasty Curse [v1.5] [FavoriteCat]

Updated: 15-September-2022
Genre: Corruption, Magic, Gender bender, Transformation, Domination, Submission,Mind control, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Anal,Oral, Masturbation, Teasing, Voyeurism, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: FavoriteCat
Version: 1.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.03 GB

About This Game:
Nikita lives in a world full of injustice and discord. What if he had the chance to be someone else, to look at everything from the outside? Would he change the world around him? Or would it be easier to accept everything and change himself?
You’ll figure it out….
…just need to add a little MAGIC…

Changelog: v1.5
-I have optimized the display of some events that in my opinion come out too rarely or often. I think everything needs a balance;
-Finally there’s a chain of actions after winning a card from Layla in Carol’s body, even a little more
-A lot of new developments related to Levi; -Along with Levi’s events, there is an opportunity to prepare a room for him so that he is not so…interfering;
-The chain of events with Stefan and the debt developed a little more;
-Olga’s new events will organize a new storyline, be prepared




TastyCurse_1.5.rar – 1.0 GB

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