Slaves of Rome – Update v12 (hotfix) [Biggus Dickus Games]

Slaves of Rome -SlavesOfRome

Updated: 14-August-2021
Genre: Unreal Engine,3D Game, Male Protagonist, RPG training,Female Protagonist, Slaves, Prostitution, Vaginal Sex, Simulation, Female Domination, Male Domination, BDSM
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Biggus Dickus Games
Version: v12
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 4.39 GB

About This Game:
Roman empire.. 20 A.D… very hard times. NO! Not for you! For the slaves! You are a damn Roman! You can do whatever you like. YOU are a god among men! And… men (and women) are here for one reason only. To serve you and other Romans.

It’s not all fun and games however. For decades, your family was bringing the best slaves in the republic. You are mostly known for your ability and knowledge in training the most hard, stubborn northern women and bending them to the will of the empire! However, with the last war, money ran out. Now that victory has been achieved on the northern boarders, slaves are pouring in again and you… you know just what to do with them. It’s time to fill your purse (and your dungeons) with new toys. And YOU, my noble master.. you know just how to do that.

“Slaves of Rome is an adult RPG training simulation game” with a strong emphasis on consensual BDSM.
You can also be a nice master, form a real bond with your slaves(each, with unique back story and personality) or more of a “average” Roman master have a more dominating personality.

You can play both male and female, as it is important for us to make the game LGBTQ+ friendly and to correctly reflect history.

Each slave is unique and will be shaped in your shadow with a unique story and a unique skill tree built by you after the training sessions.

Main New Things This (v1.2 / v12) Build Features:
Valeria’s storyline

Motombo (refactor)

Febian (refactor)

Eyes shader (refactor)

2 New female hairstyles

1 New male hairstyle

City Citizen NPCs VO + Animations

Pathicus voice over

Persistent punishment wounds system

Change slave eyes color at the Temple of the Gods

3 New punishment tools

3 New slave contract jobs (plus, able to select time/reward)

Toggle between First/Third person camera

Mark/Brand the slaves

3 New punishment tools


Faster load times between the City and Dungeon/House, Home, Pleasure House, Temple of the Gods, Old Mansion, Custom Slave Preview

Slaves skill tree (visual revamp)

Male genitalia visibility while not obscuring it

All time-based events to use in-game time

Gameplay settings adjustable option for the NPC/POI location range (alt key)

SFX Enhancement (punish tools)

Other bug fixes & tweaks





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