Sir Hardluck And The Monster Girls v1.2

Updated: 07-August-2020
Genre: RPG,Flash,Male protagonist, Monster, Monster girl, All sex,Platform, Adventure, Fantasy, Animated,Spanking
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Succubus Nation
Version: v.1.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 370 MB

About This Game:
Sir Hardluck & the Monster Girls is a gorgeous comedic fighter RPG, where you guide the drunken hero Sir Hardluck as he battles sexy monster girls threatening the land! Learn special attacks and distraction techniques, level him up, train his skills, all while acquiring epic loot and powerful abilities!​

Key Features
• 15 Separate monster girl battles!
• Interactive map of Fantasmia to gauge your progress
• Rematch enemies for more loot, or try UBER mode for the best
• In-depth skill system; pursue Magic, Sword, Shield, or Drinking!
• Visit the Tavern, and Shop to purchase upgrades and specials
• Discover secret locations and optional bosses
• Experience multiple endings and woo the sexy barmaid
• Hidden monster art, unlockable trophies, and updating journal
• Manipulate your arrogant foes making them laugh, gloat, point or dance!
• Windows, Mac, and Linux, Flash Player required




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