Sex With Otoko No Ko & Shemales! DX [Final]

Release Year: 2019
Genre: RPG, Male protagonist, Gay, Anal Sex, Futanari, Trap, Foot fetish, Smell Fetish, Muscle, Sandbox
Censorship: Yes
Developer/Publisher: GAISEIDOU
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English + Japanese
Size: 388 MB

About This Game:
A search type RPG containing the pictures of the Artists “Otoko No Ko & Shemales” series, with all the characters, and some new ones too!
Cleared events can be viewed in the gallery any time.
Lewd pictures gathered on the map can also be viewed in the gallery.
Search every nook and cranny of the town to find money & items, then hit up a brothel for some otoko no ko & shemale sex!
13 total sex-able characters!
Made with RPG Maker MV.
For anyone who doesnt know Otoko No Ko means Trap!​

Translator Notes:
-Done by Breakingbasha (me)
-When playing just click every object you can see.
-Game was bought by me so i thought why not share it.
-Almost entirely MTL! Only item description, intro and some quiz parts were translated manually. I have basically 0 Japanese Knowledge .
-If the quiz parts are problematic just drop a save and trial and error.
-Certain numbers were changed
-100% save file in slot 10.
-Original Japanese language data if anyone wants to make an actual translation
-First time doing something like this




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