QOS Wife [Final v2] [ntrworld]

Release Date: 16-January-2022
Genre: NTR, Cheating, Interracial, Multiple Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex,RPG
Censorship: Yes
Developer/Publisher: ntrworld
Version: Final v2
OS: Windows
Language: English,Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Japanese
Size: 717 MB

About This Game:
When a wife wants to wear a bracelet of spades, a necklace, Or when you leave the Queen of Spades tattoo on your body, It means that she is a woman who admires big penis.
But it does not mean that they do not love other people, Just want to separate love and sex.
Also because they are moisturized by big dicks.
As a husband, you are usually refused sexual intercourse, I even want you to bring chastity locks. If you can stand on her side understand that certain people are harder and longer and easier to satisfy her, They will be very happy and even want to talk to you about their future life…
Why not plan to give birth to a better BB? It can be seen that they still love you, but they still want something else deep in the womb
Can you accept such a QOS ♠ Wife?

Since your wife went to a nearby bar called Queen Of Spades,
She has a tattoo of the Q of Spades on her body, and you also notice that she is happier than before,
But gradually, she always finds ways to decline your sexual demands…
One day, she even wanted you to take orders from her new master and start a different life.
No longer just boring work and business trips, are you willing to sacrifice time and money to create more interesting experiences?




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