Pornocrates [1st. Update] [Orgipix Prod]

Updated: 17-July-2021
Genre: 3D Game, Male protagonist, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Prostitution
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Orgipix Prod
Version: 1st. Update
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 4.40 GB

About This Game:
Pornocrates is the queen of absolute pleasure. Her obsession is to create obscene parties for guests from different parts of the world (eccentric sex-loving guests). The game will have about 3 levels. Each level corresponds to a pleasure party in one of her rooms. As said in “about game”, there will be about 16 distinguished guests. They will need to overcome some challenges to achieve the ultimate goal of having Pornocrates. Have an amazing night of love with her.
Whoever achieves Pornocrates’ absolute satisfaction will win a small fortune. Whoever loses, will become PIG. But be careful! because before they become pigs, other participants will go through a phase where they will try to devour you.

This game is based on Félicien Rops’s painting: A woman in profile, haughty, dressed only in black stockings adorned with a vertical row of pink and red flowers, held up by blue garters, long black gloves, golden bracelets, a wide golden belt with a big blue bow, a blue necklace, blue earrings, a black feathered hat, two white roses in her hair and a white veil headband. The woman can be seen as a powerful female and your hog. The pig with a golden tail can also be seen as an allegory for luxury.
“Pornography is purely and simply a description of carnal pleasures; eroticism is the same revalued description, based on an idea of love or social life. Everything that is erotic is also necessarily pornographic” ~ Self-definition of Queen Pornocrates.

Changelog: 1st. Update
– Fixed an issue with Floating Icons that sometimes did not display icons correctly
– Fixed an issue with the Inventory and Pause menu overlapping
– Fixed an issue that caused an object to stuck in the air when you took it from the examination
– Fixed an issue that caused to show an incorrect light icon for some hand items
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused new tips not to appear
– Fixed an issue that prevented the screen to fade when selecting the load from the pause menu
– Improved PlayerController Script
– Fixed an issue problem with the player returning dead after game restart
– Game with completely restructured assets
– and Others.
– Added Shotgun Weapon
– Added Bullet Trails
– Added New Ammo Models
– Added Player Stamina
– Added New Input Handler
OBS – The previous level that takes place inside a mansion is “under maintenance”. It will be re-embedded (along with the villa levels we’ve introduced) once it’s fixed.
—– WARNING ——-
UNINSTALL the previous version and reinstall again.
We believe there may be issues during the automatic update process on Steam. This update was made from a superior version of our engine (it has not been opened in a superior version. The game has been rebuilt from scratch within the new version). Thanks!




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