Planet Stronghold 2 v1.0.10 Final

Release Date: 01-April-2020
Genre: Indie, RPG,Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Gay, Lesbian, Romance,Adventure,Fantasy, Sci-fi, Strategy
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Winter Wolves
Version: 1.0.10 Final
OS: Windows,Linux, MAC
Language: English
Size: 386 MB

About This Game:
Planet Stronghold 2 is the sequel to the first sci-fi VN/RPG made by Winter Wolves. Isometric map exploration, crafting, combat, a branching plot and of course romances awaits you in this new adventure!

– play as male or female with full skills customization
– as male, romance Rebecca, Rumi, Lakadema, Milo, Cliff and Shiler
– as female, romance Damien, Milo, Tom, Avae, Lakadema, Michelle
– branching plot featuring some tough and mutually exclusive choices
– use non-combat skills to advance in the plot outside combat
– play as you want: as full featured RPG with isometric map exploration, or in “Visual Novel Mode” if you’re only interested in the story!




Planet Stronghold 2 – Only Patch Update v1.0.10 uncensored DLC


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