Overgrown: Genesis v1.00.0 Final

Release Date: 22-May-2020
Genre: RPG,2DCG, Female Protagonist, Ahegao, Big Tits, Corruption, Group Sex, Horror, Monster, Puzzle, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex,Oral Sex, Bukkake, Creampie, Groping, Humiliation, Internal view, Male domination, Multiple penetration, Sexual harassment, Spanking
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: The Dystopian Project, TinyHat Studios
Version: 1.00.0 Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 718 MB

About This Game:
The deforestation of the Amazon had changed more than anyone anticipated. Out from the ecological devastation came grotesque, plant-like monsters, spreading an affliction across the globe.​

You play as a former mechanical engineer- who until now, has been able to find shelter in what remains of human civilization. After a job gone wrong, you find yourself on the wrong side of the barricades and must fight your way back to safety.

Little do you know, getting home will soon be the least of your worries.

Survival Horror, with an erotic twist. A zombie outbreak ravages the world-
Will you be able to survive and fend off the shuffling hordes?

The world of Overgrown: Genesis is violent, deadly, and frightening. Here’s some of what to expect to do:

Give In To Your Desires- Temptation abounds, indulge in sexual situations.
Survive At All Costs- Resource management mechanics keep the pressure up.
Search Every Corner- Areas allow for exploration and are filled with useful resources.
Stay Goal Oriented- Numerous side quests which offer various rewards.
Struggle Against Fate- Multiple endings reflect your decisions, stay alive, but at what cost?

Change-Log: v 1.00.0
– Game’s first “completed” status!

– Added Ending “B”, which triggers if losing to A.C.E units in the final level. Comes with a new breeding machine scene + a unique ending room.

– Added Ending “C1” and “C2”. They are basically the same outcome, except C2 is inherently evil. This comes with a group scene involving all the civilian leader girls + Juno (or without Juno, if you pick C2). The condition for this ending is to complete the game without doing any civilian leader sidequests or upgrading the shelter.

– Added Ending “D”, which is the neutral ending. You have to upgrade the shelter WITHOUT using soldier favours (Base Points only) and complete all civilian leader sidequests.

– Added Ending “E”, the ‘best’ ending. All conditions from “D” must be met, plus all sidequests finished, plus all 8 “Note” items collected.

– Added a great EXPLOSIONNNN effect to killing infected enemies. Call me ArchiGumin.

– Fixed huge bug where you can’t complete General Hawke’s sidequest before the switch order was screwed up

– Fixed buying duplicate weapons from Taylor and upgrades allowing for repetition

– Went back and rewrote the story for Zara and Feinstein to make more sense from Hamilton onwards. Retcon text in hospital, also, revised background stories for Zara and Feinstein

– Added infection behaviour / masturbation trigger. Basically, if your infection gets too high, Juno will stop and start masturbating uncontrollably after a set number of steps. This dissuades players from stacking infection as the only penalty previously was when resting.

– Reload timers added to weapons, which adds a subtle level of difficulty, especially with high damage but high reload time weapons like shotguns

– Bugged morale requirement to get into the University fixed.

– General Hawke sprite and portrait changed

– Unique and rather sexy BGS soundtrack added to Ending Room A! Also, added the base girl sprites.

– Changed the Area 66 staffer to have unique portrait and sprite

– Removed minimap function for now, kind of makes game too easy.

– Added infection removal before departing Brookside #2 during evacuation

– Added four unique SFW “Acts” images, really sets a more professional tone for the game overall!

– Removed a switch that flips when using the Police HQ computer that screws up Natasha’s sidequest

– Minor typo in dog swarm ending fixed

– Fixed being able to go up to Suits Office’s 2nd floor after completing Billy’s task without talking to the ground floor Suit

– Suits’ faces and spirtes reskinned

– Fixed bug where Fort Patton B3 Lab couldn’t be accesed from B1 in Fort Patton; also, lighting change was not applied to B3, so, fixed that too

– Fixed a huge bug where Dryad goes into harmless “statue” mode and is disabled when you are forced out of University then re-enter the Main Campus




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