MilfsLikeItBig – Sally D Angelo Plow Her Walking

Neighborhood GILF Sally D’Angelo stays fit by powerwalking laps around her block, a routine that hasn’t escaped the attention of Jordi, a horny rascal who can’t resist the temptation to follow and ogle Sally as she struts along the sidewalk. Jordi’s lack of subtly, however, arouses Sally’s suspicion, which triggers her desire for a hard cock. But first, Sally’s caretaker instincts kick in when she pauses her morning constitutional after noticing that Jordi is covered in melted ice cream thanks to his blind obsession with checking her out. Sally decides that if she’s going to fuck Jordi properly, a bath – with a little pizzazz – is in order.

Release Date: 22-May-2019
Genre: MILF,Blowjob,All sex,Athletic,Bald Pussy,Big Tits
Censorship: None
Format: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Filesize: 1.27 GB
Duration: 00:31:07
Language: English

MilfsLikeItBig – Sally D Angelo Plow Her Walking.mp4

MilfsLikeItBig – Sally D Angelo Plow Her Walking.mp4

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