Mariska, Executive Secretary [LifeSelector]

Release: 06-December-2021
Genre: Hardcore, blowjob, facial, black hair, european, threesome, office, brunette, strap-on, anal, secretary, Director’s view, double penetration, foursome, dp, doggy, missionary, affair, latex, dominatrix, Spoon, double blowjob
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: lifeselector ,21 Roles
Version: Completed
Starring: Alyssia Kent, Liv Revamped, Lana Roy, Mariska, Jessica Portman
OS: Windows
Language: English, French
Size: 5.65 GB

About This Game:
As an Executive Secretary, Mariska has an essential role in the company. In addition to satisfying the slightest requests from her boss, she is in charge of welcoming and training new recruits. And the pretty brunette takes her role very seriously! Whether in the office or during after works with colleagues, sex plays a major role in this rather special company. Lana, Liv, Alyssia and Jessica will quickly prove to this influential woman that she made the best possible choice when recruiting them.




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