Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path SEASON 1 – UPDATED [v2023-12-06] [Kinky Lemur Games]

Inheritance: Ladeina's Path SEASON 1 - UPDATED by Kinky Lemur Games.

Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path SEASON 1 – UPDATED by Kinky Lemur Games.

Released: 06-December-2023
Genre: 3D Game, Animated, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster, combat, adventure, fantasy, deep story, All sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Kinky Lemur Games
Version: 2023-12-06
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 9.20 GB

About This Game:
When we played Witcher 3, we loved the emotional storytelling and the relationship between characters.
When we played Skyrim we loved the open worlds and the hidden gems of the map.
ARPG has caught our eye for a very long time and we want to draw these inspirations in an adult genre.
We imagined having much deeper and uncensored scenes of Geralt.
We wanted to tell a deep story, make the players have an adventure in a rich big world and have these experiences with outstanding erotic feelings! And that is how Inheritance:Ladeina’s Path was born.

Here is a list what we are planning to add to the game in 2023:
* Level One Expansion – Total of Three Different Locations; Four Enemy Types, Three Mini Bosses and One Boss.
* Two NSFW Cutscenes
* Two Small Puzzles
* Detailed Character Customizations: Face and Body Customization
* New Clothes for Astarte
* Level Two – Village Level: A Limited Open World: One Main Quest with Two Sub Quests. Around One Hour of Gameplay
* Unique NSFW Feature
* Three New Enemy Types
* Assassination Skill
* Riding Skill
* Fast Travel
* A Card Game
* Magic Combat
* Porting to Unreal Engine 5



Download or WATCH ONLINE – 9.2 GB


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