High-Rise Climb – Update 0.9.1a [Smokeydots]

Updated: 31-January-2022
Genre: Porn Game,ADV, 3DCG, Corruption, Harem, Big Boobs, smokeydots,Slice of Life,Anal Sex,Oral,Futa,Trans, Group Sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: smokeydots
Version: v0.9.1a
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 9.17 GB

About This Game:
High-Rise Climb is about Byron, a financial analyst who just recently started to struggle. Help Byron climb the corporate ladder to become the most powerful man in the world. What will you do with that power? Will you use it to help those around you, or will you like so many before you, get corrupted?​

Changelog High-Rise Climb v0.9.1a

Animations: 4200 frames (23 new animations)
Stills: 224
Icons: 60

Major Changes:

Added Goals as new Opportunity.
Added $15 million dollar goal.
Added Beach Condo for $15 million
Added 4 New Interactions when inviting Bella into the office.
Added Invite Jasmine (Real Estate Agent) to the condo after buying it.

Minor Changes:

Added Start of Curing Angela Addiction or Making It Worse
Angela stops laying on the sofa if you cure her addiction.
Added Menu music.
Added Game music Loop.


Angela’s Opportunities Tab now more clearly directs what to do next
If you have bought the condo. You get 7.5 million in investing capital if you have less than that.

Note: Took a bit longer than I had planned fitting everything together and troubleshooting everything. Not a huge patch, but sets the framework for all the romance and fear endings.



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