Guardians of the Ashes v1.0.8

Adult video game (18+)

Release Date: 21-February-2020
Genre: Action,RPG,Animated, Adventure,Nudity, Female protagonist, Romance, Big ass, Big boobs, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Puzzle
Censorship: None
Developer: Mature Games
Version: 1.0.8
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese, Audio Japanese
Size: 3.48 GB

About This Game:
From a rookie female soldier being lost memory, you incidentally become “The Chosen One” and have to protect the world.

Top-down shoot em up and hack and slash gameplay
Many region and dungeon to explore with puzzle and pathfinding
Fun and challenge boss fighting

Changelog v1.0.8
There are some news things in the 1.0.8 version:
1. With all 5 playable characters, we always want to make each character look different from the others in the outlook, the sound, and the fighting style.
In this update, we’ve added a new define called “damage type”, which has two types of damage: physical and magic. Based on that, each character will have a certain damage type and the enemy is also resistant to one or both types of damage. This makes a little different and requires you not to be able to just abusing a single character!

2. As the most important part of the update, we added the main storyline after Nel returned from the outside world. You will discover a new dungeon, fight new enemies, new bosses and another secret boss (which can be a little hard to beat, but the rewards are so useful!)

3. Belong to the main storyline, you will be able to unlock 2 new Guardian Spirits. And do not forget, there are 4 great hot hentai scenes when reaching Bond Level milestones in the R18 DLC!

4. In previous versions, many players complained that the control of the characters was not good. So we have a small improvement, that the movement does not stop suddenly but smoothly. Hope you are comfortable with the current controls. Unless, please let us know your ideas and problems, we will find a way to solve it as soon as possible!

5. About game balance, there is no change in the enemy’s or character’s stat. But there is a very important change in the damage of skills. In previous releases, just only buffs and defensive skills are useful. The offensive skills proved too weak (not much damage). In the new update, attack skills will become stronger and stronger every time the skill level up. So remember to use it often!

6. One more thing about skills, you will find a few new skills useful in this version.

7. Did you feel the chests were trash, and you don’t want to find them? Yes, we do.
We deleted all current chests and hide a lot of new chests. The new chests will produce more valuable things like a lot of souls, skills, points or healing seeds. The more hidden chests, the more valuable they are, so don’t miss them!
Note: If you want to experience this update, you have to play a new save slot.

8. The main ideas we’ve listed above, but there are a lot of bugs that have been fixed, and many other things that your feedback or find out have improved. Writing too much is not a good idea, so we let you feel! Do not forget to leave us your feedback.
To ensure the best experience, starting a new playthrough is the best solution. Playing the old save will sometimes cause conflicts or data duplication or imbalances. Please sympathize with us!

Version 1.0.8 is out, so what about next? Yeah, we always plan ahead for each game timeline, and here are the upcoming plans:

1. Of course, the first thing that must be developed during Early Access is the main storyline. Currently, there are many new bosses and missions ready for you to conquer. But wait, we still have a lot of dungeons that need to be completely designed first!

2. As mentioned above, we will continue to make new differences for the characters, including passive skills and special abilities.

3. We will add new puzzles as well as path finding, you will be able to use the special skills of the character to solve them!

4. Side quests – that’s right, you didn’t hear it wrong! In addition to the main quest, we will gradually put on side quests for you to explore and conquer. This will take a long time, so please wait patiently!

5. How about the new hentai scenes? Surely you really want to know about this right? We will consider doing extra hentai scenes, maybe paid DLC or free depending on the sale report. But that was after the official release of the game. And now there are 10 scenes for you to enjoy!

6. To make up for the lack of new hentai scene, we’ve done something else for you, which is the animation for the characters that appear in the dialogue. Our animator is finalizing the final characters, and it will soon appear in the game in the coming updates!

7. Enemy is boring! Surely many people after playing through a few maps will feel the same! That’s right, we also see that, so we are improving the enemy to make them smarter, add more behaviors and add more special enemies. Trust me, you will like it.

8. Achievements will be added in some next version.




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