Grimgate v0.1.0 – Public Build

Grave Companions are creating Grimgate – an adult fantasy action RPG

Release Date: 19-August-2019
Genre: 3dcg, 3d game, Female protagonist, Animated, Oral sex, Combat, Fantasy, Sandbox, RPG
Censorship: None
Developer: Grave Companions
Version: 0.1.0 – Public Build
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.15 GB

Grimgate is an adult action RPG in an open-world fantasy setting. Influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy literature and 90s CRPGs, Grave Companions are bringing Indie-AAA standards to the adult community while staying true to the familiar and much loved high-fantasy gaming genre.​

Changelog v0.1.0
In this build you can explore the environment, interact with objects, test our rudimentary combat mechanic and enjoy a lovingly crafted sex animation.
Further gameplay, dialogue and RPG mechanics to come in future builds.

Developer Notes:
Our ambitions will lead us to focus on key features such as:

extensive character customisation
beautiful animations
expansive 3D living world
polished combat mechanics
vast branching storylines and quests
intricate relationship management
complex rpg systems
explicit sexual themes and visuals

Known Issues:
– collision has not been fully implemented
– combat is a single swing, with no impact or gameplay
– no character dialogue options have been implemented in this build
– build has not been fully optimised

Porn Game Screenshots:

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