Girls and Dungeons 2 – English Version

Girls and Dungeons 2 - English Version

Adult Porn-Game

Release Date: 09-June-2019
Genre: RPG, Male protagonist, Adventure,Moe, Fantasy, Big tits, Romance, Harem, Humor, Monster girl, puzzle
Censorship: Yes
Developer: Nebelsoft, Venuchi
Version: 1.0 Full
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 631 MB

Here comes the second (standalone!) installment of the harem lewd-but-cute dungeon-crawler “Girls and Dungeons”!,

Barkeeper “Kai” has but only one goal – to become a legendary ‘Master Bartender’. However, he has yet to make any progress in the mysterious, seemingly timeless tavern he serves at. One fateful night however, a tipsy princess stumbles through the door – making an encounter that would change his life,

He is left with little choice but to assist her throughout the labyrinth-like underground basements and dungeons that lay underneath the tavern, in order to chase after an evil wizard. Along the way, he’ll learn the secrets of “liquormancy” – and the dungeon’s mystical “High Proof Spirit Maidens”.​




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