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From a tiny bottle to a monster bottle .mp4.00013

This is no joke. This is extreme. I use 7 bottles in this video. No toys, just bottles. In the beginning you’ll see all of them in a row. You can also find a picture of that on my twitter account (yougrindingonmyface) and my MV crushes got a sneak peek on them before I posted this video. The smallest one is 14 cm (5,5″;) in circumference and the biggest is 25 cm (9,8″;) in circumference!!! I’m going up 11 cm. I told you it was extreme and intense… I will play with my boobs, I really want to touch my pussy but I’m on no touch and can only play with nipples and asshole. In one part of the video i will film POV for you to imagine being under my asshole when I pop one of the bigger bottles out. That was sooo hot!! I’ll also tell you to lick my prolapse. Naughty! For this video I made a mask out of lace panties and a cute fluffy bow so that I could move around much easier. In the end you will see the smallest bottle in my new cunt, barely touching the asslips. I got so horny making this and I couldn’t stop pushing the bottles up my ass. I finish it up by putting on the shower and making my clothes more see through and sticky to my skin. As a good bye I show you my now long asscunt and then blow you a little kiss.

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Format: MPEG-4
Resolution: 640×360
Duration: 00:44:59
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From a tiny bottle to a monster bottle .mp4

From a tiny bottle to a monster bottle .mp4

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