First Contact 1-13 [Goldenmaster]

Updated Year: 2021
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First Contact
First Contact 2 – Aliens Motel
First Contact 3 – Dicks in the sky
First Contact 4 – Experimental Pussys
First Contact 5 – Pleasure Planet
First Contact 6 – Cognition Of A New World
First Contact 7 – Night of Primal Lust
First Contact 8 – Pitfall
First Contact 9 – Fuck Toy
First Contact 10 – Sex Slave
First Contact 11 – Alien Gangbang
First Contact 12 – The Mysterious Artifact
First Contact 13 – Trial of the Chosen

First Contact 1
Katy is an ordinary girl from the province, after a hard day she came back from work.
The house is far away and you have to go a long way. She did not expect what might happen on her way.

First Contact 2 Aliens Motel
Katy while returning home from work, got into an accident. She crashed her car as it slipped into a ditch, and the impact caused her to lose consciousness. She wakes up to the sight of two sexy Aliens ready for some action. Luckily for Katy a stranger passes by and decides to give them a ride to the nearest motel not knowing what will be waiting for them there.

First Contact 3 – Dicks in the sky
Katy’s ass failed to cool off from the last meeting with aliens, she again falls into new adventures. Sexy woman from towing service with a juicy pink dick offered to give her a lift to the house. There is a long road ahead under a clear sky, the sky from which someone is watching them.

First Contact 4 – Experimental Pussys
After the aliens took Katy and her new acquaintance on their ship and had fun, they decided to continue the sexual games. The main alpha-aliens appreciated Katy’s wet pussy and stranger’s resilient dick, they decided to explore all the benefits of earthen baby’s to enjoy more meeting people later. The spacecraft headed for a secret laboratory of aliens, where Katy is waiting for an interesting meeting.

First Contact 5 – Pleasure Planet
Two sex-periments try to escape from an alien laboratory, but only dickgirl Katy manages to get inside a flying saucer and escape. Her piloting skills for alien craft are nil, however, and she ends up landing on another planet… only to discover more aliens!
This pair of aliens are researchers examining plants, but take instant interest in the well-endowed Katy. During their sexual ‘examination’, they end up exciting the local plants and perfuming all of them with libido-inciting drugs. A delicious threesome ensues.

First Contact 6 – Cognition of a New World
Fleeing from the monster, Katy with her new acquaintances goes to their planet, where she is introduced to the high priestess, who unsuccessfully tries to get an orgasm from her subjects. Having done an experiment with sperm and an unusual plant, the priestess is excited and begins to have sex with Katy. The desire to have sex arises from the bodyguard of the priestess, whom he took advantage of.

First Contact 7 – Night of Primal Lust
Katy escapes from the excited and concerned nationals. The space shuttle that she hijacks falls on a neighboring planet and Katy falls into the hands of local primal cannibals. There she meets her recent friend with whom they decide to escape from these monsters.First Contact 8 – Pitfall

Katy and her girlfriend go in search of a space Shuttle. Later they realize that they are lost but accidentally discover an underground oasis with a waterfall and in a fit of joy succumb to sexual pleasures. But it turned out to be a pitfall and now their holes will be drilled by the monster sent.

First Contact 9 – Fuck Toy
Katy again falls into the hands of aliens but she is saved by a mysterious stranger with whom it turned out she met in the past. Between them, passionate feelings flare up and grow into violent sex, which is then joined by an unusual sex toy of a stranger.First Contact 10 – Sex Slave

The stranger turned out to be a bounty hunter who was following the commission of an alien slaver. She passes Katy to this toad-like creature and he and his concubine begin to torment Katy and fuck her in all holes with his huge cock. The stranger also does not miss the moment and joins this orgy.

First Contact 11 – Alien Gangbang
After the slaver fucked Katy, he invites visitors to his hangout to try this exotic product. Four alien dicks agree, who are not averse to fucking Katy in all holes. She has no choice but to accept their twisted fantasies.

First Contact 12 – The Mysterious Artifact
After fleeing from the perverted aliens, Katy accidentally meets and saves a cute alien from the tentacles of a terrible monster from which they hide in a cave where they find a room with an unusual artifact in the form of a huge dick. But they do not suspect what this thing is hiding in itself.

Contact 13 – Trial of the Chosen
The portal teleports Katy and her companion to a mysterious oasis where they are met by a cute alien. She treats them to a drink after which they merge with her in an uncontrollable ecstasy. Having satisfied her, they notice the “others” and understand that they did not get here for a simple reason.




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