Fight the Princess [Update 1.0] [Sored]

Release Date: 28-September-2020
Genre: Combat, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Handjob, Harem, Humor, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Real Porn, Turn Based, Urination, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Sored
Version: 1.0 Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 454 MB

About This Game:
This is the Kingdom of Triplex. Here women value strength. We train hard at sword fighting and learn ancient magic in order to become the best warriors.
we are called the “Princesses”. If you want to win the heart of a princess, first, you must defeat her in combat. A Princess only offers her body to a man who can make her stronger.​

Changelog: v1.0 Final
New content
-Added 281 new pictures.
-Added 4 new Princesses: Cali (Cali), Grace (Pinky June), Li (Li Moon), Sienna (Sienna).
-Added 18 random events.
These are replacing redundant series of pictures that were used for both a boss scene (or event at home) and a random event. You won’t see these scenes as random events anymore.
Also, some series of pictures were used for 2 or 3 random events: those were regrouped, leaving room for new pictures.
About half of these redundant events were replaced in this update, the other half will be done in the next one.

-Added 4 scenes to Siren Island, one for each side of the island.
-Added 1 new shop (Bar) with 1 special event, “When life gives you lemons…”. Explore the Old Ruins to find it. Testing a system of “investment” here, that may be used for other shops.

-Added story and dialogues to 16 (!) random encounters (Mountain and Lagoon). 32 done, 24 left.
-All ennemies from the Lagoon and later zones are now immune to one form of magic randomly (fire, ice, earth, wind or poison).
-If you leave Siren Island before finishing the dungeon and then return, the intro won’t play again.




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