Escort Forum [v0.1.0] [Thomas Turbating]

Updated: 18-March-2021
Genre: Animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, male protagonist, oral sex, vaginal sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Thomas Turbating
Version: v0.1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 233 MB

About This Game:
he main character’s girlfriend, whom he loved very much, broke up with him and, because of that, he went into depression and fell into complete loneliness.
Cleverly, he decided to use loneliness as an ally and extract something good from it: immerse himself completely in his studies.
In his country, there is a kind of contest in which who gets the best grades in tests, wins the right to work for the government, as a public agent, a job whose remuneration is really good.
Thus, our hero managed to improve his life and stay in a very peaceful financial situation: having to pay the bills is no longer a problem.
Turning things around saved our hero from depression, but now there is a new problem: the tiring and stressful work routine.
He needed a way to relax, so one day, surfing the internet, he found the famous Escort Forum, a place where men could get in direct contact with Escort Girls and see the reports of other men who had gone out with them before to know what desires they are willing to fulfill.

You will be able to choose which Escort Girl you want to date at each moment of the game, having at least 2 girl options, at least.
There will be Test Drives, which are the date reports that other guys who went out with the girls published in the Escort Forum. You will be able to see some images of the Escort Girl and of the sex scenes to get an idea of what the girl is like before you date her.
Each Escort Girl will be specialized in a specific fetish: There may be one that uses several different cosplays, another one focused on BDSM, etc.
You will unlock new scenes with Escort Girls as you interact with them: an intimacy system.
You will be able to access the Escorts Forum through the computer and obtain the Escort Girls phone number from there. Thus, you can arrange dates through the Smartphone’s messaging application.
You can also write your own Test Drives, reporting what happened at your date to the other Escort Forum users. Doing so will increase your level of intimacy with the Escort Girl, as it helps to promote her and will also increase your level of friendship with other members, which may eventually give you access to an exclusive meeting for members.
You will also be able to interact with women who are not Escort Girls. It will also be possible to have sex with them, but it will be harder to achieve this.

Day and Night
Week Days
Interactive Maps
Movement System
Smartphone (Messaging with the Girls)
Intimacy System
Secret Cards (Unlockable Secret Images)
Animated Sex Scenes (1080p, 60 FPS)
High Quality Images (1080p)
Studio Quality Music Looping Perfectly
2 Languages Available: English and Portuguese


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