Eroman – Collection Games [Final]

Eroman – Collection Games [Final]

Adult Real Porn game (18+)

Release Year: 2019
Genre: Real Porn, Anal sex, Creampie, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Puzzle, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Eroman
Version: Final
OS: Windows x 64
Language: English
Size: 2.52 GB

Eroman 1.0
You take the role of some handyman who serves at the big mansion, full of sexy babes. On the daily basis they have some tasks for you.
Today is not an exception, only all of them will be really thankful to you and fuck with you as a bonus.​

Eroman 2.0
Your girlfriend is still in the bed. You decided to make a nice breakfast for her while she’s still in the bed to get a nice morning sex.
Walk around the neighborhood to find ingredients and meet other beautiful girls.
All of them need some help and as soon as you do that, they will get laid with you.​

Eroman: City Walk
He’s back, the guy with a blinder on his head is walking around the city to find some new adventures and girls to sleep with.
Visit wine basement and city court to spice up your life. As always use W A S D to move and press E for action and pick up some items.
Follow instructions from all girls to understand what you are looking for.​

Eroman: Office Adventure
Eroman adventures continues as now he has to do various task in the office building to fuck all horny babes in it.
It’s a Friday and everyone is in hurry. You need to finish weekly reports and many other things to get laid.

Eroman: Christmas Adventures
Eroman also has something to do in the Christmas. He is almost naked outside the cabin, the door is locked and his sex partner disappeared.

Eroman: On Vacation
Now our hero is on a vacation and he’ll have some fun in all places around and inside the hotel.
Visit the beach, help all the girls to get what they want.
There’s also a massage saloon and a night club, where you’ll get laid for sure, just need some money to fill your fantasies.​

Walk around with W A S D and press E for action. Look carefully for the items the girls demand from you.




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