Devil Slayer (English)

Release Date: 25-January-2021
Genre: RPG,Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, BDSM, big ass, big tits, censored, fantasy, female protagonist, Group sex, Monster, multiple penetration, oral sex, Prostitution,vaginal sex, voiced
Censorship: Yes
Developer/Publisher: ReJust
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 476 MB

About This Game:
Princess Sibera leads an army to fight the devils near the borderline.
A dangerous and erotic adventure is waiting for her and her friends.​

◆ Control
↑↓→← Move
Z Confirm
X Cancel/Menu
Q H-Event Menu
Ctrl Skip Dialogue

◆ Content
R18 Fantasy RPG
Basic HCG x20 with Animation
Prostitution/Monster Sex

◆ Trick
The password of the statue south of the village is 1127. You’ll get EXP bonus if you use it.




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