CyberSex 2069 [v1.0] [LarsMidnatt]

Updated: 14-June-2021
Genre: Vaginal sex, Anal sex, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Creampie, sci-fi, Oral sex, Big Tits, Big Ass
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: LarsMidnatt
Version: v1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 798 MB

About This Game:
It focuses on MF relations, but includes some MFF and FF scenes too. There may be a futa at some point, or there may be a peg involved. We won’t spoil it.​

CyberSex 2069 is an unapologetic and uncensored gaming experience that caters to Men of Culture, and panders to no one else.

Collect loads of “sensitive data” (hentai) on the Cyber by defeating sexy hackers in real time combat. Develop and deploy exploits to hack devices in order to unlock even more “data”. What else is the Cyber good for? A good laugh, actually.

You may get deleted from the Cyber if you’re not careful, but why so serious about it? Lighten up a bit, and enjoy a bit of comedy along the way. This isn’t a downtrodden future full of sad panda themes. But it certainly is a bit kinky, putting it mildly.

Acquire over 350 CG images (mostly of deviant acts you won’t be able to describe publicly) – at a relatively rapid rate without any grinding, leveling systems or similar barriers to your adventure. Use clues from magazines, emails and other digital files to find passwords for computers that are storing the devious and delightful “data”.

You can play the game with just your mouse (or similar HID), allowing for the ultimate casual coomer experience.




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