Cuckold Life Simulator [Final] [Octo Games]

Cuckold Life Simulator by Octo Games

Release Date: 21-January-2023
Genre: 3DCG, animated, male protagonist, interracial, ntr, cheating, sharing, group sex, gay, big ass, big tits, wholesome, fantasy, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, bdsm, sex toys, multiple penetration, multiple endings, creampie, voyeurism, masturbation
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Octo Games
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Size: 1.50 GB

About This Game:
Cuckold Life Simulator
is a story about paying enough attention to your other half or she will find someone else.
An office slave named Slavik (Slavek) comes home early one day and catches,
his wife and her new fitness trainer having sex.
Watching this, he realizes with horror that he is aroused.
Deciding to test this reaction, he watches them the next day as well.
And so, gradually, day by day, he increases the extent of his cocooning, masturbating on his wife and trainer,
and then taking part in their sex.​

VN Style story with dynamic camera angles, and outfits you select.
Real-time 3D character and animations
A fascinating story
A Multitude of Sexy Situations
Ability to play with one hand.




Cuckold_Life_Simulator_.rar – 1.5 GB

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