Coming of Mage [Update v0.939] [Aedian Glair]

Updated: 05-September-2020
Genre: RPG Maker,All sex, Anal, Oral,Vaginal,Futa,Trans,NSFW,Fantasy ,Cunnilingus,Doggy Style
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Aedian Glair
Version: 0.939
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 657 MB

About This Game:
Nineal, an elf from the Homeland Forest, is the brightest student in a prestigious magic academy. After finishing his first year of study, he is required to complete a year-long apprenticeship with a professional mage from the city of Taurea. Only after meeting his new master’s expectations will he be granted the honor of becoming a real mage – but will things really be as simple as that?

Two playable routes; male on male only and male on female only

Gameplay consists of visual novel storytelling combined with rpg elements such as combat, map movement and character progression.

Currently available:
– 40,500+ words
– unique, gorgeous and emotive sprites for the MC and supporting cast
– numerous beautiful erotic CGs
– a lighthearted fantasy story that incorporates hotness instead of forcing it
– several chapter-sized male on male and male on female scenes

The game is currently in development and 75% complete. Your support will directly contribute towards finishing it with the planned content:

– new erotic interludes
– a large chunk of the main quest
– more background music
– a full rpg fighting and levelling system
– more quests and NPCs




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