Chasing Beth [Final] [Tora Productions]

Release Date: 15-December-2021
Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Graphic violence, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Romance, Oral sex, Big ass, Big tits
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Tora Productions
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Spanish
Size: 346 MB

About This Game:
This is the game that Mortze and I have been working on for the last 4 months.
It takes place in the Elsaverse, but you shouldn’t need to play the other games to understand this one.
There are references to people and events from the earlier games, but any critical information is provided here.
So, feel free to jump in.

It’s written in English, and Moskys has already translated it to Spanish.​




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