Avalon – Act 4

Adult video game (18+)

Updated: 16-March-2020
Genre: 3DCG, Visual Novel, Male Protagonist, Sex Toys, Spanking, Romance
Censorship: None
Developer: Lockheart
Version: Act 4
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 421 MB

About This Game:
After a traumatic experience leaves her broken and alone, Avalon moves in with her Uncle. As they reconnect after being disassociated for several years, they begin to find solace in each other. As their relationship grows, it attracts new friends, old foes and exciting adventures.
Before you begin getting to know Avalon and her Uncle Byron, you will be given a choice between two friends; Dallas or Octavia. Dallas is a flirtatious cheerleader who may be more than she seems. Octavia is benevolent and kind but behind her glowing personality is a deeply buried secret. Who will you choose?

Changelog V.4
Included in this update is Act 4.

I considered the main complaints from the community. In this release, we focused on three major things.

Choices – We’ve added choices and two additional paths to Avalon. The two new paths are Polygamy and Monogamy. Currently, monogamy just cuts out any sexual content between Avalon and Dallas or Octavia. This will be a more realized path in Act 5. Polygamy is how the game was originally designed to be played. Avalon is now a Visual Novel instead of a Kinetic Novel.
Sexual Content – We’ve added several new sex scenes. There is now a decent amount of sexual content.
Eyes – I know the eyes don’t sit right in some of the pictures so I went back through and re-rendered quite a few scenes. We’ll see much less of that problem.




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